Brandywine Financial Services Companies
Brandywine Financial Services Companies

Brandywine Real Estate Management Services Corporation provides construction management services to its clients and tenants. This enables us to act as a preferred development partner on new construction, development, and re-development assignments. A large part of our business is also construction management of singular Capital Expenditure projects that deal with various building and property elements such as roofing, HVAC, parking lot, building repair and maintenance, lighting and security. With a focus on effective and detailed preconstruction services, and the accompanying oversight throughout a project, Brandywine produces efficient, quality construction. The expertise, competence, and experience of our staff along with intensive client communication, results in the production of successful projects and client satisfaction.

Our construction services

  • Owner representation to ensure that the Owner’s interests are realized from start to finish
  • Contract Administration
  • Inspection services to ensure job quality, compliance with plans and specifications, and contractor performance.
  • Architectural, Engineering, Contractor and Consultant hiring, oversight, and coordination
  • Insurance and legal hiring, oversight, and coordination
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