Property & Asset Management

At Brandywine Real Estate Management Services Corporation, we offer clients and owners over 40 years of experience in all aspects of property and asset management. We provide complete management services for commercial and residential properties, or we can customize services to meet your specific needs. We have established relationships with local, regional, and national tenants. Our primary purpose is to maximize net income over the life of the property.

Property and Asset Management Services

  • Property maintenance and operations
  • Lease negotiation and administration
  • Environmental compliance and review
  • Property inspections and condition assessment
  • Daily accounting operations
  • Financial reporting
  • Insurance and administration placement
  • Tax preparation and appeals
  • Credit and collections management
  • Capital expenditure and budget planning
  • Construction management and on-site supervision
  • Escalation and percentage rent calculations
  • Project financing
  • Investor communications
  • Tenant relations including move-in assistance